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The London 2018 Ontario Summer Games is supported by the Ontario Government, through its Games Ontario program. This program delivers or supports multi-sport events, including the Ontario Summer and Winter Games for youth, the Ontario 55+ Summer and Winter Games, the Ontario Parasport Games, the 2017 North American Indigenous Games and the 2017 Invictus Games.

Supporting Ontario sporting events is part of Game ON - The Ontario Government's Sport Plan, which is encouraging as many people as possible to play organized sports, helping Ontario's high-performance athletes pursue excellence and promoting increased tourism and economic development.

Ontario Summer Games

The Ontario Games Program started in 1970 in Etobicoke as a showcase for amateur sport. They have now become Ontario’s largest multi-sport event, including both team and individual sports.

Provincial level athletes from ages 12 to 18 qualify through a regional selection process conducted by the Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs). The Games take place every two years and are awarded through a bidding process. They are supported by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport in collaboration with host communities.

Ontario Summer Games Logo

For many young athletes, the Ontario Summer Games is the highpoint of their sporting career, while for others the Games are a stepping stone for the Pan Am Games or even the Olympics.


Illustration of PachiPACHI is a legacy of the incredibly successful TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. The wildly popular mascot was created by four grade 8 students from Markham who entered the nationwide TORONTO 2015 Mascot Creation Challenge that drew 4,130 submissions from more than 15,000 kids, parents and teachers.

PACHI is head cheerleader of Games Ontario events, all of which showcase Ontario athletes competing in multiple sports.  These include the Ontario Summer Games and the Ontario Winter Games, the Ontario 55+ Summer Games and the Ontario 55+ Winter Games and the Ontario ParaSport Games.

PACHI also supports the athletes and coaches on Team Ontario at the Canada Games.

PACHI’s Look

Photo opportunity with PachiPACHI’s Team Ontario job comes with the Team Ontario look.  His white hat and wristbands feature the Games Ontario logo, modelled on the iconic Ontario trillium and highlighted with coloured ripples of red, green, and blue:

  • Red represents “inspiration” and it’s Team Ontario’s official colour
  • Green represents “opportunity”
  • Blue represents “community”

And, PACHI’s distinctive quills match the logo.

London, Ontario

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The 2018 London Ontario Summer Games mark the fourth time this event has been hosted in London, with the most recent being 2004. Along with the Ontario Summer Games, London has also played host to the Canada Summer Games in 2001, Ontario Winter Games most recently in 2005, and the Special Olympics Canada Summer Games back in 2010.

Located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, two hours from Toronto and Windsor, London is easily accessible and has a variety of transportation options to provide access into the city.

London has plenty to offer with its unique restaurants, attractions, and events! For information on what to see and do while in the city, visit www.londontourism.ca

Distance of locations surrounding London, Ontario

Games Organizing Committee

Bill Merrylees  •  Chair
Dave De Kelver  •  General Manager
Barb Emrich  •  Vice Chair
Ryan Albright •  Games Ontario Consultant
Aimee Maggiacomo  •  Games Ontario Consultant
Justan Steele  •  Games Ontario Consultant
Cheryl Finn  •  Host Community Representative
Zanth Jarvis  •  Host Community Representative/Chair, Marketing
Leo DeSumma  •  Chair, Accreditation
Jackie Corby  •  Chair, Administration
Mike Koenig •  Chair, Finance
Peter Glen  •  Chair, Logistics
Dr. Graham Briscoe •  Chair, Medical
Andrea Payne  •  Chair,Opening Ceremony
Stu Ewing  •  Chair, Security
Bill Chantler  •  Chair, Sport
Rob Brown  •  Chair, Transportation
Brian Murphy  •  Chair, Volunteers
Kathy Rumleski  •  Chair, Media
Cliff Fielder  •  Chair, Athlete Accommodations & Food Services
Kayleigh Scott  •  Games Intern

For inquiries, please contact:
Dave De Kelver
CHAIR, General Manager
London 2018 Ontario Summer Games


Stay tuned as details on the legacy plan from the 2018 Ontario Summer Games will be revealed soon!

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